Euston Park Naturalization

Euston Park is found south of the Coves ponds between Emery St., Wharncliffe Rd. S, Baseline Rd. W and Beachwood Ave. The wooded west end of the park is part of the Coves Environmentally Significant Area. Silver Creek flows north through those woods to the Coves.

A naturalization project to expand the Euston Park Woods was undertaken by the Friends of the Coves Subwatershed Inc. and our partners - the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, the City of London, London Community Foundation, community members and local schools. Since the fall of 2004, hundreds of student and community volunteers have gotten involved planting thousands of trees and shrubs to extend the eastern treeline of the woods. Many volunteers have also pitched in by nurturing formerly planted trees by weeding and mulching around them.

The rest of the park is unmowed grassland with some mowed paths that offer a fabulous walking route around the park. This area provides vital habitat for birds, small mammals, insects and other animals that require grassland environments. It also is a great spot for flying a kite or toboganning.

Project Sponors

London Canada

London Community Foundation

Upper Thames River Conservation Authority